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Cynthia BrownCynthia Brown
Principal Designer

Some people see design as a form of magic, but Cynthia sees the science behind it. With more than 32 years of experience, it's easy to see why. Cynthia's expertise lies in her ability to gather information from the client and to fuse it with the elements of the site. This creates a completely unique and one-of-a-kind creation that is synergistic with the site and the client's particular tastes or goals. Having extensive experience in many types of design and interiors, she believes you can design about anything "if you study the problem, understand the process and do your research. In the final result, the project ultimately speaks for itself." Cynthia joined what was David Robinson Design in 1999 and, after 13 years demonstrating her expertise in interior design for hospitality and high-end residential, she became a partner of what was Robinson Brown Design. As an award winning designer with an eye for creating comprehensive cohesive interiors, Cynthia draws inspiration from her father, naming him as the most influential person in her life. In addition to being hard working, he is motivated by always doing what is right and for the right reasons. Prior to joining Robinson Brown Design, Cynthia operated her own firm in Florida specializing in Interior Design and Space Planning for a diverse group of clientele including Sony, MGM and Lockheed Martin as well as high-end residential properties, which included old Southern mansions. She then relocated to San Diego in 1997, where she worked designing sets for a filmed television series before joining David Robinson Design in 1999. Cynthia holds a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Florida State University and is NCIDQ certified.

Jeff NicksicJeff Nicksic
Project Designer

Jeff Nicksic Project Designer As a father of two who still makes time to play guitar, surf, camp and craft with power tools, Jeff sees himself and his design driven by functionality, balanced proportions and clean details with moments of excitement that are adapted to fit each individual situation. With 20 years' experience, Jeff has devised, conceptualized and designed more than 25 high-end restaurants and bars - many of which were featured in top design publications. In both hospitality and residential, Jeff wows clients with thoughtful design and creativity. For the past two years in his role as project designer/manager at Robinson Brown, he has led projects from conception to splendor, taking pride in his ability to understand a client's design aesthetic and find unique solutions that satisfy specialized needs and desires. Prior to joining Robinson Brown, Jeff lived in San Francisco working as a senior interior/architectural designer for some of the top acclaimed design firms in the city, most notably the Puccini Group. Specializing in high-end hospitality, custom residential, commercial and lighting design, he sees his passion for "How To" books as more of a job enhancement than a hobby. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Indiana University.

Lauren WilkinsLauren Wilkins
Project Designer

Lauren Wilkins joined Robinson Brown Design in 2017 and has been practicing both residential and commercial Interior Design since 2010.
Prior to joining Robinson Brown Design, Lauren completed a Bachelor's degree from University of San Diego, a design certification from The Fashion Institute of New York City, as well as a Master's Degree in Interior Architecture and Design from The Academy of Art, San Francisco.
While juggling being a mother of three, Lauren effortlessly is always able to jump into any part of the design process. She is inspired by modern functional design and enjoys space planning and developing creative design solutions. Lauren believes that inspiration is all around us and is passionate about remarkable details, fantastic solutions, and referencing them on any projects she takes on. She strives for good design that can artistically withstand the test of time


Cynthia Brown Design - Interior Design San Diego

Cynthia Brown Design At Cynthia Brown Design, science transforms into art as our spaces evoke a reaction from the five senses as unique as the eyes that are looking at them. The synergy created between people, physical elements and senses is what we refer to as “The Nature of Space.”

As one of today’s foremost design firms, we specialize in hospitality and high-end residential design. Cynthia Brown is positioned among the industry’s most innovative and accomplished designers, leading a forward-thinking team in creating iconic custom spaces.

We don’t feel limited by what exists, we make it. Much of the work is custom and driven by our fascination with creating the perfect piece. Not just furniture, but also lighting, color, acoustics and new technologies that influence emotion and ambiance.

Based in La Jolla, California, Cynthia Brown was intended from the beginning to remain small and focused with the primary desire to provide clients with the highest quality service. Our wide-ranging design portfolio includes hotels, restaurants, high-end residential, commercial & industrial, as well as corporate interiors.

The team’s diverse background in architecture and artistry, as well as our unique size and style, differentiates us from others. Ongoing collaborations with other artisans and craftsmen give each project a distinctive finish that is a synthesis of form, texture, color, light and sound.